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Our Ethics

Fostering Love for the Ocean

The ocean is deep and full of mystery. When you look past the surface, it’s teeming with sea-life large and small. Each creature has a story – and at Coastal Connections, we share these stories to foster a lifelong love of the ocean.


We respect our waterways and the creatures that inhabit them so we strive to leave no footprint on our environment. Our Coastal Connections tours incorporate real-world conservation research inspiring awe and understanding about this wild and wonderful web of life.

Code of Ethics

Coastal Connections is committed to the principles of sustainable marine ecotourism.

We want to share with our clients the sense of wonder and awe that we experience on the ocean and along the coast. At the same time we want to ensure that these ecosystems are not damaged by our activities. We want our work to help them remain in as pristine a state as possible, not only for our children but for their children and for the generations to come.

It is with this in mind that we developed the following Code of Ethics to guide our operations.

  • In order to provide direct benefit to the communities where we operate, we will hire local people and buy from local businesses.
  • Through our recycling and waste disposal programs we will seek to minimize the environmental and aesthetic impacts of our operations.
  • We will be efficient in the use of natural resources (water, energy) and where possible use environmentally friendly products in all our activities.
  • By booking only small groups (maximum of 12 people per trip) we will provide a quality tour while minimizing impacts on the ecosystems and communities visited.
  • We will work with local groups and support initiatives that help raise public awareness of conservation and stewardship issues.
  • Our programs will have an educational emphasis so our clients will not only learn about the natural and cultural history of the areas visited but will be encouraged to be proactive in the stewardship of their local environment when returning home.
  • We will support our employees in a variety of training programs that enhance their knowledge of conservation issues, and upgrade their skills in providing quality experiences for our clients.
  • The information and data collected as part of our programs will be given to scientists and researchers to help increase the knowledge and understanding of our local ecosystems.
  • We will constantly evaluate our programs and performance in order to ensure compliance with our code and find ways to improve.