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A beginner's guide to casino craps

When we imagine the experience of being in a casino, fun, and above all gambling, comes to mind. Casino craps is one of the most emblematic games you can experience in a gambling establishment, besides being a basic and intuitive game that gives us an excellent betting experience full of excitement.

But what does this game consist of, and how can we get the most out of it? In this guide, we will explain in very simple steps how to do it.

The casino dice scenario is a board on which the chips we are going to bet with are placed. The two dice that we will use for the game will be thrown on it.

The main principle of playing dice is to obtain specific combinations of numbers. The dice are engraved with numbers ranging from 1 to 6 and the combination of the numbers obtained by throwing both dice is the one that will be taken into account for our bet.

Before starting to play, it is necessary to know some basic terms:

What is the pass line?

The pass line is the most important bet in the game. It is the main type of bet and, at the same time, the most basic bet. This line of play is a section of the board where you place your bet, and in doing so, you will play the game by betting on getting a 7 or an 11 to win. You lose if you get a 2, 3 or 12 and, if you add any of the other available numbers, you score.

How do you score?

In craps, you only score when with the sum of your dice, you get a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, that is, a combination that is neither a winner nor a loser. Don’t worry if it seems complicated at first. The game board is intuitive and will help you remember the exact numbers that score.

The dealer, or the online game (Betsoft, PushGaming, Playson, BoomingGames) in the case of online casinos, will roll the dice and set the number obtained as “the point”. This point will be our objective: we must roll the dice as many times as necessary until we get the same number or “point” before a seven is rolled. For example, if the dice are thrown, and the combination of the dice is 6, we move on to scoring. At that moment, the croupier places a mark on the number six located on the board to remind us that we must roll the same number in order to win in the following rolls.

How to win after scoring?

It is very simple. Once we know what number is our “point”, we must roll the dice as many times as necessary until we get the same number. However, if we get a seven, we automatically lose the game. Therefore, bets can only be held or raised until a seven is rolled.

What is the don't pass line?

It is another type of bet with its own space on the board, usually next to the pass line. If we bet in this way, we are betting in the opposite way to the pass line bet. That is, we will win if we roll the numbers 2 or 3, we will lose with a 7 or 11, and the bets will be void with a 12. If any other number appears, we will score, and we must keep rolling the dice until the number 7 is rolled. If the “point” number is rolled, all bets lose.

Field bets

These are bets that can be played at any time during the game. To do this, we must place our bet on that section of the board, roll the dice, and, to win, we must roll the numbers 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. If we roll a number that is not one of the above mentioned, we will lose the bet. Numbers 2 and 12 pay double the bet

Big six bet

This type of bet is based on betting on the number six in order to win and is lost when the sum of the dice is seven.

Big eight bet

These bets are located in the center of the board and are the ones that can bring you the most benefits. You bet directly on a number. It is a very specific bet because you bet on an exact combination, and depending on the combination, there is one payout value or another. For example, 2 and 12 pay thirty times the bet and 1 and a 2 pay fifteen times the bet.

Bets under and over seven

These are simple straight bets. If you bet under seven, you are betting that the sum of the dice will be less than seven. If you bet over seven, you are betting that the sum of the dice will be greater than seven. This type of bet pays 1 to 1.

These are all the bets you need to know if you decide to try your luck on a casino craps table. By understanding these basic rules, you will know how to get by and maybe even make some profit, thanks to this entertaining game. With such a wide variety of bets, fun is more than guaranteed!